I’m Lita, the sultry goth reincarnation of Bettie Page with a youthful spirit and an insatiable hedonistic streak. Don’t let my dark style fool you, I’m sweeter than honey and love romance and flirtation. It doesn’t take much to make me blush or pull on my heartstrings, and I’m sure to make you fall in love with my personality and looks from the moment we meet.

I enjoy connecting with my lovers intellectually as well as physically, and have never been known to disappoint on either level. We’re likely to lose ourselves in conversation as well as in one another’s touch and personal sensibilities.

I don’t want to leave too little to the imagination, but to give you an idea of what is in store let’s just say I idolize Marilyn Monroe’s youthful charms as much as her provocateur, and I have a career in adult film and many other pathways of the adult industry. I am very vocal about my sexuality, and enjoy opening my lovers up to new experiences.

On the less spicy side, I enjoy music, coffee, martinis, fine dining, horror and indie comic books, long walks, sightseeing, theatre and museums. John Waters is definitely my number one inspiration, and I’m always looking to learn and try new things. I’m curious, what are you going to show me?

Whether we take an adventure on the strip or enjoy a candlelit dinner for two; our time together will feel like a dream. Let’s share an affair delicious as young lovers and fiery as a naughty 70’s romance film…

Til we meet,


Don’t be shy with getting to know me ahead of time. You can read any of my reviews on TER, PrivateDelights and feel free to Google search me.