People often as me what I do, and it’s honestly not such a black and white conversation. My journey in sex work, kink and sexuality has been long and diverse. I genuinely enjoy exploring desire and pleasure with other individuals – I guess you could say I’m a professional hedonist. I’m like a mad scientist and experiment all rolled into one; let’s push all the buttons and see what happens. My roots are femdom, but I’ve always been a switch at heart. And the bottom line is, I LOVE fucking. I love everything about pleasure. After 3 years of professional domination, I started feeling an itch to branch out into exploration as a switch. After seeing videos of Elise Graves, and that she switched, it really inspired me to dip my toes in the water.  My first concern was, will people still want to submit to a woman who switches?
I let him cum, as long as he swallows every load. He shoots ropes of cum which can make it harder. “Slurp your cummies for Mommy” I encourage him. It’s a rule for My devoted cuckold slave to eat his cum. Now, he craves it! Begging Me to cum so he can savor his salty treat. I even had him start mixing it into his morning coffee. He’s addicted to eating his cum. Sometimes, he cums twice in a row and reports the different consistencies to Me. The first load, is sticky and thick. The second, watery and saltier…a little harder to swallow. But he does it because he loves to serve Me and make Me happy. Mommy’s little sperm slurper! I love training beta boys to eat their cum, that’s the beta boy way. Eventually, he’ll move on to eating other boy’s cum. Sometimes out of My dripping creampied
I hope everyone is happy, healthy, and safe. Some of you have seen my posts on social media, but some have not. Due to the current state of the pandemic; it is time for me to make an official statement regarding COVID-19 and how I am handling my business practices. As of July 1st 2020, I have officially decided not to accept any in person bookings for shoots and sessions of any kind, until further notice. I have read the suggested FSC COVID-19 Production Guidelines, Dominatrixes Against Donald suggested protocols for sex work during COVID-19. I have also read the Government of the District of Columbia’s suggestions for safest sex practices regarding COVID-19. All current scientific knowledge confirms 100% that THE safest form of sexual contact in regards to COVID-19 is masturbation. I have assessed the risks in regards to my health and my current financial state. I personally do
Hello to my lovely fans, I hope you’re all well. As you know, I had the opportunity to attend the 2020 Xbiz and AVN Awards. We are so honored that our film Chelsea Submits was nominated! A huge shout out to the Trouble Films team, especially Chelsea Poe and Courtney Trouble. I had a blast, met so many talented performers and made so much hot content – I cannot wait to share it all with you! There’s so much to say – but a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll show you instead. Small Hands and Courtney Trouble Courtney Trouble Charlotte Sartre and Sinn Sage Small Hands Courtney Trouble Courtney Trouble and Jessica Drake Charlotte Sartre Courtney Trouble Amilia Onyx Rachel Greyhound Mistress Veronica Vixen Chelsea Poe Chelsea Poe and Courtney Trouble Courtney Trouble and Ruby Riots Mallory Maneater Kiki D’aire Maxine Azula  
A bdsm bondage story about psychological D/S dynamic by Lita Lecherous I run my hand over the chains, feeling the smooth cold steel. Their weight is impeccable; heavy enough to hold down her ankles, but light enough that she can still move just enough. Enough to give her hope, that maybe she could crawl away. I look down on her, naked and pale– tracing the contours of her helpless body with my eyes. She looks back up at me, pleading to be used. “In due time,” I whisper as I kneel to adjust the remaining bondage. She sits on all fours on the hard concrete, thick metal shackles on each of her ankles, waiting to be chained to the wall. When she asked what I was doing in the basement last week I merely shrugged her off. I notice her knees are already shaking from holding this position, but she

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