A bdsm bondage story about psychological D/S dynamic by Lita Lecherous I run my hand over the chains, feeling the smooth cold steel. Their weight is impeccable; heavy enough to hold down her ankles, but light enough that she can still move just enough. Enough to give her hope, that maybe she could crawl away. I look down on her, naked and pale– tracing the contours of her helpless body with my eyes. She looks back up at me, pleading to be used. “In due time,” I whisper as I kneel to adjust the remaining bondage. She sits on all fours on the hard concrete, thick metal shackles on each of her ankles, waiting to be chained to the wall. When she asked what I was doing in the basement last week I merely shrugged her off. I notice her knees are already shaking from holding this position, but she
Controlled by Mommy’s Feet   A naughty short story about a young man who just can’t stay away from his Mommy’s feet… I hear the door close downstairs, my heart races once I realize I’m completely alone. Mom has just left for work, and she won’t be back for another 9 hours. It’s the weekend, so I’m king of the castle until then. Most college kids my age would have a party, or maybe a girl over. But not me, there is only one thing on my mind. I creep down the hall quietly, still skeptical of my luck. I reach out my hand for the door at the end of the hall and push the it open to reveal my mother’s bedroom. For a few minutes, I stand in the middle of the room, scanning it with my eyes. The idea of being caught starts to mix with the

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