Statement On COVID-19

I hope everyone is happy, healthy, and safe. Some of you have seen my posts on social media, but some have not. Due to the current state of the pandemic; it is time for me to make an official statement regarding COVID-19 and how I am handling my business practices. As of July 1st 2020, I have officially decided not to accept any in person bookings for shoots and sessions of any kind, until further notice. I have read the suggested FSC COVID-19 Production Guidelines, Dominatrixes Against Donald suggested protocols for sex work during COVID-19. I have also read the Government of the District of Columbia’s suggestions for safest sex practices regarding COVID-19. All current scientific knowledge confirms 100% that THE safest form of sexual contact in regards to COVID-19 is masturbation. I have assessed the risks in regards to my health and my current financial state. I personally do not feel there is enough clarity regarding the virus for me to feel safe following these guidelines as it pertains to working with fellow performers or clients. I do not know when the time where I will feel safe to do so will come.

Here are the types of bookings and work I will be accepting during this time:

  • Cam shows, phone sex, and digital dates.
  • Requests for solo custom videos.
  • Commissions for solo videos for studios, producers, or directors.
  • Distance shooting with fellow performers and photographers via Zoom, Skype, or other digital interfaces.
  • Requests for articles and long distance interviews – written or recorded.
  • Commissions for recorded or written sex stories.
  • Basically, any sort of interaction where I do not come in contact with you or anyone else.

Consider this my official statement regarding COVID-19 until further notice. I will not be taking any questions regarding my decision at this time; unless these questions are asked during an interview or as part of an official statement for an article or news piece.

Thank you for respecting my privacy and space regarding this issue. Love and solidarity to you all. I look forward to a time when I can see you and work with you again.

Xoxo, Lita Lecherous

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