My Top 5 Bondage Experiences

Anyone who knows me knows I am a total bondage SLUT! From the feeling of tightly tied rope against my skin to locked cages; I can’t get enough of being helplessly restrained. The more intense the better, but sometimes less is more. While I also enjoy the control of having someone immobilized for my pleasure; I am going to recap my five favorite bondage experiences as a bottom! Strait Jacket and Rope Tied on the Prison Gurney by Elise Graves I LOVE a good strait jacket! The way the canvas hugs you tightly with your arms against your body; like an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time. Strait jackets are very uncomfortable for some people…I think any kind of medical play can be triggering for some. But these jackets were invented to not only safely restrain the patient, but comfort and calm them as well.This scene was … Continue readingMy Top 5 Bondage Experiences

What do I do? Whatever The Fuck I want

People often as me what I do, and it’s honestly not such a black and white conversation. My journey in sex work, kink and sexuality has been long and diverse. I genuinely enjoy exploring desire and pleasure with other individuals – I guess you could say I’m a professional hedonist. I’m like a mad scientist and experiment all rolled into one; let’s push all the buttons and see what happens. My roots are femdom, but I’ve always been a switch at heart. And the bottom line is, I LOVE fucking. I love everything about pleasure. After 3 years of professional domination, I started feeling an itch to branch out into exploration as a switch. After seeing videos of Elise Graves, and that she switched, it really inspired me to dip my toes in the water.  My first concern was, will people still want to submit to a woman who switches? … Continue readingWhat do I do? Whatever The Fuck I want