What do I do? Whatever The Fuck I want

People often as me what I do, and it’s honestly not such a black and white conversation. My journey in sex work, kink and sexuality has been long and diverse. I genuinely enjoy exploring desire and pleasure with other individuals – I guess you could say I’m a professional hedonist. I’m like a mad scientist and experiment all rolled into one; let’s push all the buttons and see what happens.

My roots are femdom, but I’ve always been a switch at heart. And the bottom line is, I LOVE fucking. I love everything about pleasure. After 3 years of professional domination, I started feeling an itch to branch out into exploration as a switch. After seeing videos of Elise Graves, and that she switched, it really inspired me to dip my toes in the water. 

My first concern was, will people still want to submit to a woman who switches? I pondered this question long and hard, before a confidant of mine really broke it down to me. A true femdom does whatever the fuck she wants, whatever brings HER pleasure. And doesn’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks.

My fans love seeing me bottom. If they don’t want to see that, they just will go to someone else. I’m not the Mistress for them, and that’s okay. Each dominatrix has her own style, and that’s the beautiful thing about this industry.

I’ve found that most submissives are happy to find someone who can relate to what being in their position feels like. Experiencing the levels of masochism I have has also made me a better top. I understand where your mind goes, body language, sensations – and I use that to my advantage.

My pornography is my own personal journey into the different realms of sexuality, pain, pleasure, seduction. I want you to want me, to put yourself in my shoes. To see that there is no right or wrong way to indulge in pleasure.

I enjoy the art of seduction, flirting, and fucking. I like making you blush, giving you butterflies and making you cum. It gets me off bringing your fantasies to life; seeing the look in your eyes as I enter the room. The magical space where time freezes and you can lose yourself in another human for just a moment before the clock starts ticking again. Those are the moments I live for, and I don’t want to miss a second of them.

So, what is it I do? Whatever the fuck I want. Sometimes I’m the cruel bitch who wants to see how far you’ll go for me. Other times, I’m a pain slut taking every ounce of torment someone can dish out. And then there are those times I just want to make you cum buckets, and fuck your brains out. There is no right or wrong answer. 

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